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Knowing the large demand of these products in our religion focused nations and also by spa centers, many manufacturers are coming into this business but we have always kept ourselves separated from them by offering the best quality of products to the customers at the highly cost effective rates.

How We Make Our Incense Sticks?

For production of our incense sticks, we gather the best grade ingredients that helps in making incense sticks of the most pleasing smells. Firstly, the bamboo stick which we use for making the incense sticks is pieced into small parts. On those small parts of bamboo sticks we apply the paste, that is made out of sawdust, charcoal, joss, jiggit or tabu powder. After applying these on the bamboo, there are two techniques that are used in our premise. In the traditional method, when the applied paste still remains moist we roll it on the perfuming composition that we prepare of flower extracts, aromatic herbs, etc. Another way that we employ includes letting the applied paste get dry on the sticks and then dipping the same into the perfumed solvents. The perfuming masala of our company is prepared from several ingredients for the type of fragrance that we need for adding.

Spreading Fragrances From Years

Incense sticks/Agarbatti, came in formation years ago, and since then have been widely used for spreading fragrances in various religious places, spa centers, homes and many other places. The smoke which incense sticks release helps in attracting and repelling energies and also in doing in well concentrating in the process of mediation. Today, we can buy these sticks in varying types of perfumes such as sweet, musk, citrus, fruity and many more. Magical incense releases fragrance which better helps in getting a multitude of feelings that can be therapeutic, creative, focused, etc. Agarbatti is also used as an air purifier that cleanse the air while leaving a pleasant fragrance. Some of the benefits of using incense sticks are cited below:-

  • Aroma that is given by incense sticks is used in medical therapies as the smoke of those natural ingredients helps in fighting infection, depression, anxiety and many other problems.
  • Agarbatti are considered to be one of the most effective room fresheners.
  • Fragrance of incense sticks helps set the mind and body fresh.
  • Incense sticks also boosts positivity within us.

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